2009.06.24 22:20:58
Gloria Erlich Clancy
 We lived on Jacob Street and my earliest memories of the "Big Shul" are walking to Shul with my father, Benjamin Erlich and my brother Harvey Erlich.  I would sit with my father when I was small - fourth row center. This was a very special treat for me as I did not often have time to spend with my father.  I would fidget and he would say to me "only 20 more pages" (or thirty or four-whatever it was).  I envied my grown up sister Selma and her friends as they sat together all dressed up with lipstick and everything, but she was too old to sit with our father so I was proud.  Years later I would sit upstairs in the front row on the right side with my best friends Barbara Bronstein and Nancy Ossoff and we would throw little bits of paper down on the boys below. My father would look up at us and smile but my brother would act angry, even though he and his friends obviously enjoyed the attention. I have at least 7 pages of immediate memories but I won't go on further.  Just to say that Sons of Israel was my always part of home and I love being there today.