2009.05.28 21:31:22
Hyman Miller (Hy)
To be back in the "good-old-days" back in the old neighborhood on Sanborn St & Elliott Pl! I remember with anticipation going to Hebrew School and learning from two of the kindest and most nurturing teachers, Mr & Mrs Shiffman! The excitement of going to Junior Congregation Services and finally being Bar-Mitzvah'd due to the gracious financial help of Max Korn & Irving Herbster. These men truly made it possible for me to attend Hebrew School and participate fully in the learnings of Yiddish-kite! I have been told that I inherited my father's voice(Lester Miller), and I successfully attended Boston Conservatory of Music where I studied Classical Voice and now utilize it in Cantoring in the Greater Philadelphia area. May G-d bless Congregation Sons of Israel and all of it's Congregants forever!