2008.10.27 19:44:02
Barbara Sigel

My fondest memories of the Shul go back to my childhood. On the High Holidays my sister Ruth & I would sit behind my grandmother, Bessie Kellerman, and her friends, in the second row of the balcony. They were all wearing hats with veils and fur pieces with the little animal heads. We also were dressed in holiday finery, including hats & white gloves. I enjoyed looking down on the men davening, seeing my grandfather, Isadore Kellerman.


I attended Junior Congregation regularly, alternating between Sons of Israel & Anshe Sfard. I still have my Junior Congregation pin. I would often walk home from Shul with Mr. Shiffman who would engage me in interesting conversations. I even visited him and Mrs. Shiffman at their home which was close to my own home. I also fondly remember Rabbi Goldstein who lived down the street from me & seeing him, his wife & children in a baby carriage out for a stroll.


Today I regularly attend Shabbat services as I did when I was in Hebrew school. I am grateful to Avrom Herbster (my friend & classmate) who motivated me by saying “Try it, you’ll like it”. While praying in the sanctuary, I now look up to the balcony and remember those wonderful women who used to be there. I look at the bimah, the restored walls & ceiling which look the same as they did years ago with the wonderful addition of the clouds in the sky. The Shul has become a constant in my life.